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Best Price Guarantee

Best Price Guarantee at West Coast Hotels

Why does Vagabond Inn have the best price? We strive to provide you with the best hotel rates, without any catches like hidden fees or changing prices. Not only do we want you to save big when you book directly with us, but we make every effort to provide each guest with a variety of cheap hotel rates so that you get a quality stay at an affordable price. Don't forget, our exceptional discount offers are only available if you book online directly with us!
  • With our Best Price Guarantee, we provide you with a variety of choice hotel discounts and rewards so that you can save big and rest easy. Take a look at some of our cheap hotel deals and weekly hotel rates with our
    Special Discounts that are available year-round:
    • AAA Membership Discount
    • Senior Discount
    • Group Discount
    • Government and Military Discounts
  • Our Hotel Deals areonly available for a limited time at our discount hotels.
  • Take alook at our seasonal Vacation Packages that may include, but are not limited to:
    • Park n' Fly deals that provide airport parking for the business person on the go.
    • Or, coupons and discounts to local attractions / events like Universal Studios or Sea World.
  • Or have afree night's stay on us with our 10th Night Free Rewards Program at any of our hotels.
Advanced booking is recommended. Most discounts are only available if you book online directly with us. Discounts are also subject to room availability and may be affected by local events or during certain times of the year.