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Senior Discount

AARP Discounts at West Coast Hotels

We make sure that every destination feels as secure, comfortable and convenient as home. Whether you're traveling to visit family or friends, or finally taking a well earned retirement vacation, Vagabond Inn offers you big savings with its Senior Discount. Senior citizens save up to 10% off our standard rates at participating locations. Upon check in, provide us with valid proof of age (55 or over) or an AARP membership card and we can help you save. Don't forget to take a look at our senior friendly facilities with ADA accessible designs and all of our on-site amenities and services.

Features & Policies:

  • 10% minimum discount at participating locations (Discount is only applicable to standard room rates).
  • Does not require you to notify the hotel in advance, or provide any sort of promotional code.
  • Each night's stay using your Senior Discount adds towards the 10th Night Free Rewards Program.
  • Guests must present valid proof of age or an AARP membership card.
  • Other online discounts like our Hotel Deals and Featured Destinations may not be combined or used together.
  • Senior discount is valid at participating locations only, subject to availability and not valid for special events.