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How Do You Vagabond at... Coachella

About 10 month(s) ago by Vagabond Inn

Welcome to the How Do You Vagabond series. We're highlighting how and why members of the Vagabond Inn team explore various destinations. With the first of two weekends taking place this week, this installment of How Do You Vagabond is all about catching the show at Coachella, just outside of Palm Springs. Having attended Coachella the past 5 years, here’s how our VP of Marketing, Kyle, Vagabonds at Coachella:


1) Camp – Staying in the campgrounds is a unique experience all on its own that enhances the overall festival. There’s a convenience factor to being able to walk back and forth from your campsite to the festival and not having to deal with traffic, expensive rideshare/cab rides, and long walks to the pickup/drop-off areas. More importantly, it’s just a lot of fun hanging out at your campsite making friends with your neighbors, playing drinking games, and playing music until you’re ready to catch your first set of the day.



2) Eat – Coachella always has great food, including samplings from some of the best restaurants and food trucks in LA. You’ll pay a Coachella premium for some items, but it’s nice having a variety of menus to choose from so you don’t have to eat the same type of food all weekend. My go-to foods at Coachella are avocado toast for breakfast in the campgrounds and Spicy Pie inside the festival. Spicy Pie isn’t exclusive to Coachella, but it’s fast, filling and delicious – perfect if you’re hungry but also late to a set you want to catch.



3) Art – Every year, Coachella features new art installations that always surprise you when you walk into the festival grounds on the first day. Sure, they’re great for selfies and group photos, but they’re also perfect landmarks to meet under when you and your friends eventually get separated. My personal favorite was the 36-foot tall spaceman from 2014. Its size alone was amazing. It also moved throughout the festival, so sometimes you’d see it by the main Coachella stage and later you’d see it at the other end by the Sahara tent.



4) Music – Last but not least is the huge lineup of artists representing a variety of genres. You can soak up about 12 hours of music per day across 8 different stages. Each stage has something different to offer, whether you want to see the big headliner at the main Coachella stage, catch an up and coming artist at the Mojave tent, be surrounded by lights, lasers, and LED screens in the Sahara tent, dance to some techno with air conditioning in the Yuma tent, or party at the colorful Do Lab stage with secret performances each day.

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