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Global Data Science Conference

Santa Clara

Data Science Conference is on April 2nd, 3rd and April 4th 2018.





Global Big Data Conference's vendor agnostic Global Data Science Conference is held on April 2nd, April 3rd & April 4th, 2018 on all industry verticals. The Conference allows practitioners to discuss data science through effective use of various data management techniques.

Large amount of data created by various mobile platforms, social media interactions, e-commerce transactions, and IoT provide an opportunity for businesses to effectively tailor their services by effective use of data analytics. Proper use of data science can be a major competitive advantage for any business considering vast amount of  data being generated.

Data Science is an emerging field that allows businesses to effectively mine historical data and better understand consumer behavior. This type of scientific data management approach is critical for any business to successfully launch its products and better serve its existing markets.

Over 50 leading experts in Data Science area present at our conferences regularly.  Please send an email to for speaking engagements.

You Get To Meet
You get to meet technical experts, Senior and C-level executives from leading innovators in the Data Science space (Executives from startups to  large corporations will be at our conference.)

Who Should Attend:
CEO, SVP/VP, C-Level, Director, Global Head, Manager, Decision-makers,  Business Executives, Analysts, Project managers, Analytics managers, Data Scientist, Statistian, Sales, Marketing, human resources, Engineers, Developers, Architects, Networking specialists, Students, Professional Services, Data Analyst, BI Developer/Architect, QA, Performance Engineers, Data Warehouse Professional, Sales, Pre Sales, Technical Marketing, PM, Teaching Staff,  Delivery Manager and other line-of-business executives

What you will learn
You'll get up to speed on emerging techniques and technologies by analyzing case studies, develop new technical skills through in-depth workshop, share emerging best practices in Data Science, AI and  future trends.  The depth and breadth of what's covered at the annual Global Data Science conference requires multiple tracks/sessions.  You can either follow one track from beginning to end or pick the individual sessions that most interest you.

1. Industry Vertical Use Cases ( Where Data Science/AI applications are working/not working, What hot Technologies are used to implement Data Science/AI, How to develop Data Science/AI applications etc..)
2. Cognitive Computing
3. Chatbot
4. Data Science, Machine Learning & Deep Learning 
5. IoT
6. Security
7. NLP
8. Computer Vision
9. Home Assistant
10. Robotics
11. Neural networks
12. Data Mining, Data Analytics & Predictive Analytics 
13. Speech Recognition, Image processing, Unsupervised Learning
14. Workshops

Conference Location
Santa Clara Convention Center, 
5001 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara, CA 95054 (map)

Conference Highlights

  • 1000+ attendees
  • 75+ Speakers
  • 60+ Sessions
  • 6+ Keynote Sessions
  • Startup Pitch
  • Great Networking opportunity
  • Workshops


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