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My favorite east bay hotel
   Vagabond Inn Executive - Hayward   Mar 26, 2017
This location used to be a Phoenix Lodge and was an absolute dive, a really awful hotel. I can hardly believe it's the same property. The physical remodeling they have done is top-notch for this rated level of hotel, but what makes it shine is definitely the quality of customer service. From making the hotel physically safer (outside doors need a key card, and one needs a CC, ID, and deposit to stay) to the attentiveness with which the staff tends to guests, I have to say this hotel is the best in customer service I have encountered in the east bay. I visit often and sometimes stay for extended periods (I am a musician), I appreciate the respectfulness and hospitality of the staff more than I can say. It is in huge contrast to the attitude of many other hotel owners & staff in the nearby area.
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