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   Vagabond Inn Executive - Bakersfield Downtowner   May 10, 2018
A while back, we stayed at a Vagabond Inn near old town Sacramento and had a VERY nice stay - 4 to 5 points. Vagabond Inn Executive - Bakersfield has a mixed review. To be honest the gentleman who checked us in was very nice and the lady who greeted us in the morning was equally nice. The day of our stay in Bakersfield we were running late and called ahead just to make sure our room was going to be waiting for our expected very late arrival of 3 AM. We had a nice phone greeting and conversation with the night manager, no problem. However, when we drove up we noticed there were a number of bail bonds offices near the inn. We were not comfortable with the area but it was 3am and we had already paid for the room. While I was checking in, through a window as I stood outside, as my wife sat in the car, a VERY drunk man walked up, getting very close to me, and started asking for an Apple phone charging cord. I could smell the alcohol and I was VERY uncomfortable. My wife was very concerned. After about a minute or two the night manager buzzed the guy in. Apparently, he was a guest. We checked in with no problem. The night manager could not have been nicer. My wife didn't feel safe using the outside elevator from the garage, so we entered the lobby and walked up the stairs to our floor. Not sure if the hotel was non-smoking but I could smell cigarette smoke in parts of the hallway. Our room, across from the breakfast area, was small and unassuming. It was good for the price we paid. It reminded me of a very small Motel 6 room, except for the King Bed. My wife found a hair in the bed and I told her, it was too late and we were in for the evening. Then we noticed no iron or ironing board. I called the night manager who said he would look for them and bring them to our room. Again, very nice and helpful. He really looked, it was apparent, and we are grateful for his effort. But when he came to our room he brought us an iron with a scorched spot on the sole plate and apparently, he could not find an ironing board. He left and came back with 2 extra towels to use on the bathroom counter for an ironing board. That was a good idea, at least in theory. I had thought the same thing, but in practice, it was not a good idea. The amenities for the hotel clearly states "iron/ironing board." In the morning, as we were trying to sleep until 8 am, I could hear people in the breakfast area. The scorched iron did not work properly, and would not stay on. The knob would just turn and turn and the iron would get hot and then shut down and cool off. We had to go out and buy an iron at Wal Mart. We turned the iron over to the nice lady at the front desk, who threw it in the trash. All in all, it was a cheap room and we probably got what we paid for. However, we would NOT stay at this particular hotel again. Vagabond Inn is batting 500 with 1 very good two-night stay in Sacramento and 1 sketchy night stay in Bakersfield. I believe we would stay at other Vagabond Inn properties after we checked their location and their amenities a little better. Thank you to the friendly staff. Nothing can be done about the location, the drunk shook us, and the failure have a good iron and ironing board was problematic. I do wish I could have given a better review.
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