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"A" For Effort
   Vagabond Inn - Ventura   Jun 03, 2018
To make a long story short/ the heart of the matter, and why I am writing this is because the continued support, and efforts made by Erin Pikler at the front desk. For trying to make things better/ no more bad luck/ a smooth transaction, and getting the room I want will happen. Or will it? She always sounds positive/reassuring that things will work out better this time. In a sense, she trying to win my confidence back at this Inn, and try and forget all the bad experiences I have had. But, I hate to say it, I'm about done here. No matter what she does, says, or knows. I /Erin and I just cant get things to work as planned. I feel bad for Erin because on both instances it was completely out of her hands. She had no say in the matter, and or she wasn't not informed about something particular about the room, that made it unavailable...I apologize for not going into further detail. As I have to stop writing because I can't feel my fingers because my carpal tunnel is kicking in. But you should know I'm 0 for 3 now having a smooth transaction here.......
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