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Transformation Tuesday: Vagabond Inn Downtown Bakersfield

About 2 year(s) ago by Lister

We completed renovating our downtown Bakersfield location! Look below for before-and-after photos of the transformation.


Here's what the exterior looked like before the renovation:

We changed the paint completely, but we kept the kitschy HOTEL sign. Now, the outside of the building catches your eye without disrupting the close, community-oriented feel of the surrounding area:


The old lobby was dingy:


The new lobby is bright and open, so you're sure of where to go and comfortable while you're there:


The old hallways were also pretty dark:


The new ones are colorful, with clean, contemporary lines:


In the old king suites, everything looked a little stale. Now, color-coordinated décor and comfortable, neutral furniture keep things fresh:


Multi-bed rooms in the hotel used to be somewhat cramped. Since the redesign, they've gained a more open, airy feel, thanks to cream walls and blue accents:


The updated bathrooms, with stainless steel fixtures, soft lighting, and green accent walls, feel cleaner and more inviting. Always a good thing!


And, finally, the new outdoor pool and lounge area provides a space where guests can relax and play: 


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