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6 Festive Ways To Use An Avocado

About 6 year(s) ago by RRG

Now that it's December, we're paying tribute to an unlikely festive food: avocados. Bright green Haas avocados were cultivated by a mailman (Rudolph Haas) in 1930s La Habra, CA. Today, they're the American go-to. These 6 festive ways to use an avocado will get you in the mood for the season:


6. Guacamole



Credit: Wikimedia


Let's get the obvious one out of the way. You can mix guacamole up (literally) every time you make it. A festive, Christmas-themed guac isn't tough: try throwing in some chopped cherry tomatoes or roasted red peppers. 


5. Smoothies



Credit: Pixabay


Don't kid yourself. Sometimes, putting an avocado in a smoothie is just a waste. Done right, though, it can be excellent—colorful and creamy. If an one of La Habra's famous fruits starts going brown before you can eat it, disguise the taste by throwing it in a smoothie. (Freeze ripe avocados for a thicker texture.) Add in some crushed raspberries for a festive, red touch!


4. Salsa


Credit: Pexels

Avocado, tomato, and chili pepper always go hand-in-hand. You can't go wrong chopping up an avocado to add texture, variety, and seasonal color to salsa. (You can also just place it next to guacamole for that beautiful color contrast.)


3. Tamales



Credit: Wikimedia


Tamales are a common Christmas and Christmas Eve dinner in the American Southwest and Southern California (including in La Habra, the Hass avocado's hometown). Avocado on top or to the side is a no-brainer.


2. Red Pozole



Credit: Wikimedia


Red pozole is vivid and bright—just like the lights we put up this time of year. Done right, its garlic-y chile-based broth almost glows. Garnish it with some avocado chunks or slices. They'll give you that beautiful seasonal color palette and they'll set the spice off nicely.


1. Grilled Cheese



Credit: Flickr


Add avocado and tomato or pepper layers to any grilled cheese. It's a warm, crisp, gooey, and offbeat seasonal treat.


Try: Guacamole Grilled Cheese (Jerry James Stone)



Hopefully, you get the idea by now. Go forth and stretch your sights beyond avocado toast! Though, like, that is also pretty delicious--and just plain pretty. We couldn't blame you.
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